We develop Human Milk Oligosaccharides

  • GlycoActives®

    Our proprietary platform for developing and producing complex biologically-active glycans


    Harnessing nature's ability to make valuable carbohydrates

Leading the way in development and large scale production of specialty carbohydrates

Complex high value glycans can now be made easy, to the benefit of all

Inbiose invented a proprietary, sustainable and eco-friendly platform (Glycoactives®) that enables industrial manufacturing of specialty glycans, serving both human and animal health
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Specialty Carbohydrates

Glycans or specialty carbohydrates are of key importance in most biological processes

  • Essential to Life - Glycans act as messengers in cell communications
  • Essential to Health - Glycans protect us against pathogens, they develop our immune system and are essential structures in promoting a healthy gut
  • Central to prevention or curing of diseases - unlike most drugs, glycans are natural components that are omnipresent in our body tissues 

Inbiose provides a way for large scale manufacturing of several of these glycans.


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