We treasure our partners…

Inbiose is a technology company who is looking for industrial partners serving health industries.

We take the position to be able to develop processes for any specific complex carbohydrate required. Inbiose experts will help creatively and efficiently solve the specific biochemical and process challenges as well as process scale-up and regulatory steps to efficiently move to commercial scale manufacturing.

and the customers of our partners

We find it essential to understand the needs of the customers of our partners.

Inbiose is actively engaged in research programs and collaboration projects with innovative markets leaders in different industries. We follow these customers and help them to find solutions to unmet needs. By serving these customers we serve our partners.


Inbiose is dedicated on developing the best technology for large scale manufacturing of specialty carbohydrates 


We take pride in turning great ideas into practice. We give our utmost to bring a proof of concept which was created into a Petri dish to a large-scale manufacturing. From microgram to megatons.

Forward looking

Think the impossible. Our purpose is to bring health solutions accessible to all, using latest eco-friendly and safe  technologies. Do you want to be our partner?

Our Strenghts

  • Cost Competitive – developing best-in class production technology unlocking mainstream use of until now unavailable ingredients

  • Short Development Cycles – leveraging our high throughput platforms, we compress new product development cycles and minimize time to market

  • Uniquely Dedicated – Unique in our focus and dedication to complex high-value carbohydrates and glycans

Leading the way in specialty carbohydrates