Inbiose technology benefits

Our breakthrough technology benefits

Our extensive expertise in areas such as selection of natural biological systems, their optimisation, downstream processing and process development combined with flexible and affordable manufacturing services makes us the partner of choice for the development and supply of valuable carbohydrate bioactives in relevant timelines.

Our patented technology implemented by a team with academic and industrial background, lead to:

  • Short development times.
  • Higher yield, titer and rate for carbohydrate bioactives production (more than 50 g/L).
  • Access to relevant volume for your market and reduced cost outlook.
  • Easiness of scale-up, simple and sustainable downstream processes.
  • Continuous productivity improvement for cost competitive solutions.
  • A growing rare carbohydrates product portfolio (new targets on demand: contact us).

Key words: Green processes, natural fermentation, pharma/food grade raw materials, higher productivity, safe sourcing, high margin innovative ingredients.