Applications of specialty carbohydrates

An untapped source of innovation

Specialty carbohydrates, also called glycans, are natural complex and rare saccharides of outstanding biological relevance which are found to be of key importance in many processes for humans, animals, and plants leading to health, functional nutrition and biomedical valorisations.

Glycosciences support the valorisation of the large possible carbohydrate applications with the help of cutting edge technologies (biotechnology and fermentation for in vivo synthesis of carbohydrates). Glycomics is no longer an emerging area of innovations but the third revolution coming right after genomics and proteomics, that is already a source of high added value products and ingredients with associated high margin (novel drugs, vaccines, milk bioactives, nutraceutical and many more).

"The knowledge gained from glycomics will be as important as a basis for the pharmaceutical industry as that discovered in the field of genomics and proteomics during the last 30 years." Chem. Eur. J. (2005) 11; 3194 – 3206

Compex sugar, complex synthesis, lack of availability for industrial application? Our technology permitting solution

Because rare carbohydrates are difficult or impossible to produce with conventional technologies (extraction from nature, chemical and enzymatic synthesis), many applications were hampered until today by the excessive cost.

Inbiose has the will as a supplier of innovative glyco-products, to play a key role in the glyco-world. Inbiose developed a versatile proprietary generic production platform for the manufacturing and supplying of pure specialty carbohydrates. Its in vivo synthesis technology enables the production of pure and sustainable natural carbohydrates meeting the specifications of the client/partner.

Humanised infant food formula and prebiotic for all: our first market

Savoring baby

Among the many applications of our glyco-products, Inbiose has set a priority on the supplying of human milk bioactive oligosaccharides (HMO) to infant food formula manufacturer or supplier. Human milk oligosaccharides are one of the major components of mammalian milk which are thought to enhance health benefits and nutraceutical effects for all ages.

Inbiose supplies purified milk bioactive oligosaccharide products as high quality ingredients (product portfolio comprising sialylated and fucosylated oligosaccharide). Contact us for further inquiries.

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