Inbiose technology description

At a glance

We bring you straightforward solutions for the production of specialty carbohydrates that are too difficult and/or too expensive to synthesise using traditional enzymatic or chemical methods:

  • One strain, one fermentation, one product.
  • Higher production efficiency and cost competitive solutions.
  • Shorter development time through the use of biological systems.
  • Use of inexpensive and safe raw materials.
  • Solvent free, green, and sustainable processes.
  • Higher product yields (high-throughput screening platform for in vivo production optimisation).
  • Proprietary technology protected by patent applications.

Core competences

As an industrial focused white biotechnology company, Inbiose has extensive skills in the development and production of specialty carbohydrates thanks to a versatile generic production platform combining:

  • Biological system development (high-throughput screening and cell factories design to produce the desired specialty carbohydrate).
  • Fermentation and yield/titer/rate optimisation.
  • Downstream processing (final product with standard specification fitting the market requirements).
  • Production from kg to ton scale with an easy access to plant facilities.

As a clear demonstration, Inbiose designed and set up the relevant technology platform allowing cost competitive production of milk bioactives also called human milk oligosaccharides finding a broad range of innovative nutritional applications.

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