Products in the pipeline

Our tunable biological systems for research

Inbiose is focused on developing specialty carbohydrate usage based on an understanding of the roles carbohydrates play in global health. All of inbiose bioactives have been designed thanks to biological system technology. These easy synthesis by in vivo production leverages the company’s product portfolio and its in-depth expertise in the specialty carbohydrate supplying, within the frame of research programs.

It is concluded from the R&D community for glycoscience, that to advance, widely applicable methods to generate both large and small quantities of glycans are needed. Inbiose want to play a key role in the supply of these glycans that would allow:

  • Researchers to characterise the glycomes of various organisms fastening the identification of targets and applications.
  • Potential novel drug discovery (vaccines, APIs, etc.).
  • Production of large quantities of glycans, enabling usage as therapeutic drugs or nutraceuticals.

Would you like to work on a specific carbohydrate target or submit us a collaborative project, please, feel free to contact us.