Inbiose products

What are specialty carbohydrates?

Specialty carbohydrates are rare sugars such as L-fucose, L-ribose, and sialic acid or human milk oligosaccharides such as fucosyllactose and sialyllactose, which are very difficult to synthesise by chemical engineering, or to extract from biomass. These products are consequently very expensive and not available in sufficient quantities for their potential applications (human and animal nutraceuticals, biomedical, agro industries).

Product portfolio

Our product portfolio comprising human milk oligosaccharides, chitosan oligosaccharides, and monosaccharides, is supported by the tunability of our biological systems that enables a continuously growing offer of different products.

We welcome and will study any team-up demand with strategic partners for regulatory approval, large scale production and commercialisation as a case by case business opportunity.

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