Inbiose creates organisms creating specialty carbohydrates

Fermentation based technologies: Benefiting from the best Nature offers

Inbiose as an innovative white biotechnology company has developed a unique fermentation based technology platform suitable for the industrial manufacturing of specialty carbohydrates.

Nature created these complex oligosaccharides as key communication vectors between cells, playing functional and vital roles in immune defenses, brain development, gastro-intestinal disorder, anti-microbial/viruses defence mechanisms, and many more. Though most of the benefits for individuals are known and health claims evidences have been gathered, poor cost competitiveness with existing conventional and non-sustainable technologies hampered the access to markets.

  • Our mission is to make these rare, natural and unattainable carbohydrates step into your life and contribute to your well being.
  • Our ambition is to create green and sustainable processes by using biological systems as an alternative to the conventional chemical methods that hampered up to now the application development and commercialisation of specialty carbohydrates with prohibitive kilogram prices.
  • Our commitment is to supply high quality ingredients and natural products by in vivo natural synthesis, fitting our customer’s expectations for final commercialisation with understanding of market and regulation requirements.
  • Our markets are dealing with high end and societal positive changes for the Wellness, Human, animal and plant health, novel nutrition and biomedical areas.

Our products: Specialty carbohydrates for life

Inbiose creates organisms creating specialty carbohydrates

Inbiose is capable of producing any natural complex carbohydrate also called specialty carbohydrates for which a biochemical route exists. Our fermentation based-technology platform already led to a plethora of proof of concepts with human milk oligosaccharides (HMO, fucosylated and sialylated oligosaccharides) as Inbiose's flagship products, available from kilogram up to ton scale. The easiness of our process scale-up and our in-depth downstream processing knowledge combined with a quality control policy ensures the best customer satisfaction.

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